Impact of coronavirus on E-commerce Site?

Coronavirus is mainly spread through close contact of peoples often via small droplets during cough. Today’s whole world is facing an economic crisis because of this coronavirus which originates from china’s land.

Yes, due to this corona pandemic India is also facing a lot of problems. There are many companies in India is shut down because recently our PM Narendra Modi announces lockdown for the whole India. The lockdown in India has left tens lakh of Indian migrant workers unemployed. And many companies are facing an economic crisis because the company’s worker stays at home to break the community spread of the virus. E-Commerce sites have stopped delivery service then they facing an economic loss and many workers lost their jobs. India’s GDP for growth current fiscal is expected to slow down at 4.8% or it can go down more due to coronavirus pandemic. After the appeal of PM, all people should stay at home for their safety.

You should stay at home and maintain social distance with others and wash your hand after sometimes when you came from outside

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